Burial Procedures

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Organising a Funeral   

Organising a funeral can be a very sad and stressful time for loved ones of the deceased. Sometimes individuals will leave instructions for their funerals in their wills which means that reviewing the will is the first thing anyone attempting to organise a funeral should do. If there are no instructions present in the will,… Continue reading Organising a Funeral

Burial at Sea   

A burial at sea is a complex matter and one that is not particularly popular in the United Kingdom. In fact, there are very limited locations in which a burial at sea can take place, and specific preparations must be made before such a burial. Not all commercial funeral services are available to assist with… Continue reading Burial at Sea

Woodland Burials   

Woodland burials or burials in which the deceased is interred in natural woodland surroundings rather than formal cemeteries or graveyards, are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. Very often these burials are less expensive than traditional interments, and it is believed that they are more environmentally friendly as well. In addition, the fact that… Continue reading Woodland Burials

Purchasing a Burial Plot   

It is estimated that just over a quarter of the British population chooses a traditional burial but even this relatively low percentage is still proving to be…