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When a Post-Mortem is Needed   

Post mortem examinations are medical examinations of a body usually carried out in order to investigate the cause of the deceased s death. In the UK, if a death is being treated as suspicious, the deceased s body will be referred to the coroner for further investigation. If this happens, the proper authorities will likely… Continue reading When a Post-Mortem is Needed

Death Certificates   

In the United Kingdom a medical certificate which states the cause of death is needed to register a death. Registering a death is necessary before approval can be granted for a burial or cremation. Thus obtaining a death certificate is the first step towards laying your loved one to rest. Obtaining a Death Certificate A… Continue reading Death Certificates

Registering a Death   

The process of registering a death in the UK depends upon the location in which the death occurred. England and Wales share the same registration procedure and overall registration authority though Northern Ireland and Scotland each have their own rules, regulations and governing bodies for this process. Registering a death is not hard, but it… Continue reading Registering a Death

Announcing a Death   

In the past, placing an obituary in the local newspaper served as an efficient means of informing the community of a loved one s death but today there is a large segment of society that would rarely if ever read the obituary columns. Instead, a variety of methods of announcing a death have become common… Continue reading Announcing a Death