Funeral Arrangements

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Hosting the Wake   

A wake or a time in which family and friends can come together either before or after a funeral, is a chance for many people to draw or offer support as needed. Sometimes a wake is called a viewing and is conducted at a funeral home before the funeral, but will then continue on in… Continue reading Hosting the Wake

Funeral Flower Options   

Flowers often called sympathy flowers, are traditional at funerals in the United Kingdom. Today there are a variety of options for funeral flowers, though as long as arrangements are tasteful and a tribute to the deceased almost any floral pieces can be present at a funeral. Flower Choices Both fresh and silk flowers are appropriate… Continue reading Funeral Flower Options

Headstones and Monuments   

Whether you want to call them monuments headstones, tombstones, grave markers or anything else, the memorials erected in memory of a loved one should be a fitting tribute to that person s life and the love that others felt for that person. There are many options available for monuments and headstones, and many more possibilities… Continue reading Headstones and Monuments