Special Circumstances

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Coping with Death Through Accidents   

Death through accident is usually a jarring experience. By their very nature no one expects accidental deaths and the fact that friends and family will not likely have had time to say goodbye can make these events even sadder. Whether it happens through road traffic accidents, accidents at work or in any other manner, accidental… Continue reading Coping with Death Through Accidents

Presumed Death Following a Disappearance   

Over 200,000 people are reported as missing each year in the UK, and a number of these missing persons remain so for an extended period of time. For families, the time an individual is missing can be incredibly emotional with fears that their loved one is dead battling with hope that (s)he is still alive… Continue reading Presumed Death Following a Disappearance

Coping with Multiple Deaths   

It’s hard enough to cope with one death, but when multiple deaths occur at the same time or in close succession it can be downright overwhelming. When many…

The Loss of a Pet   

They say that a dog is man s best friend, but in reality any pet becomes a part of the family with which it lives. To lose a pet can be a blow to everyone involved but there are ways to work through the grief that will accompany this loss. Acknowledging the death, honouring the… Continue reading The Loss of a Pet

Identifying Remains   

Sadly, not everyone is surrounded by friends or loved ones when they die, which means that there is not always someone able to confirm the deceased s identity immediately. When this is the case, one of two common options is followed. Either the authorities contact someone able to positively identify the victim, or they may… Continue reading Identifying Remains

Coping with Miscarriage   

It is estimated that one in every four pregnancies ends in a miscarriage but though miscarriages are common they can still be highly traumatic for the couples who must cope with them. The aftermath of a miscarriage is often emotional, and it can take time for the individuals affected by miscarriage to work through their… Continue reading Coping with Miscarriage

Coping with Bereavement: Still Births   

Stillbirth or an incident in which a fetus has died either in the uterus (after 24 weeks of pregnancy) or during delivery, is sometimes described as a baby being born dead . It is estimated that close to ten stillbirths occur each day in the United Kingdom, or approximately 3,500 stillbirths each year. Causes of… Continue reading Coping with Bereavement: Still Births

Murder of a Loved One   

The murder of a loved one can have a devastating effect on the surviving members of his or her family and friends. Shock anger, grief, frustration, disbelief, and an overwhelming sense of injustice will likely all be experienced in the days and weeks immediately following the death. Through this, a funeral may or may not… Continue reading Murder of a Loved One

Military Death- Special Honours or Benefits   

If an individual passes away and (s)he was an active or past member of the military there may be special honours or benefits to which (s)he or his/her survivors are entitled. Contact the deceased s branch of the military as soon as possible to investigate how his/her funeral should be arranged or if there is… Continue reading Military Death- Special Honours or Benefits

Repatriation Following a Death   

Repatriation following a death is the process of returning someone s body to the United Kingdom after (s)he has died in a foreign country. Repatriation can be an incredibly confusing process as you must work within different countries and different languages but there are supports in place to help you bring your loved one home.… Continue reading Repatriation Following a Death