Hosting the Wake

A wake or a time in which family and friends can come together either before or after a funeral, is a chance for many people to draw or offer support as needed. Sometimes a wake is called a viewing and is conducted at a funeral home before the funeral, but will then continue on in… Continue reading Hosting the Wake

Dealing With Inheritance Tax

When someone dies any private property and possessions owned by that person becomes known as his or her estate. It becomes the duty of a chosen executor (as stipulated in the deceased s will) or administrator (appointed by law if no will exists) to, among other things, have this estate assembled and documented, valued, taxed… Continue reading Dealing With Inheritance Tax

Widowed Parents Allowance

If you are the mother or father of a child or a dependent young person between the ages of 16 and 20 and you receive Child Benefit for these children, you may be eligible to receive a Widowed Parents Allowance if your spouse or civil partner passes away. To check if your circumstances meet the… Continue reading Widowed Parents Allowance

Organising a Funeral

Organising a funeral can be a very sad and stressful time for loved ones of the deceased. Sometimes individuals will leave instructions for their funerals in their wills which means that reviewing the will is the first thing anyone attempting to organise a funeral should do. If there are no instructions present in the will,… Continue reading Organising a Funeral

Executing a Will

As long as a will is valid its terms must be followed whether the surviving family and friends are pleased with them or not. The person chosen to make sure that these terms are carried out is known as the executor and is named specifically in the will. In some cases, several executors may be… Continue reading Executing a Will

Children and Memorial Services

Whether or not children should attend memorial services will depend upon the children and the specific circumstances, but in general attending memorial services can be a very good thing for children. Children who do not want to attend should not be forced to do so, but explaining about the service and what will happen there… Continue reading Children and Memorial Services

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Bereavement Support

When an individual has lost a loved one (s)he is said to be bereaved. This is an emotional time, and often one that can be surprising and even frightening to both the bereaved and his or her family and friends. It is during bereavement that most people require additional support, whether it be emotional, practical… Continue reading Bereavement Support

Understanding Probate

Probate is usually defined as the right to deal with a deceased individual s estate. This is usually assumed by someone who was named as an executor in the deceased s will or if there was no will then someone close to the deceased may apply in order to administer the estate. Continue reading for… Continue reading Understanding Probate