Buddhist Funeral Rites

According to a tradition set at the Buddha s death, many Buddhists today believe in cremating the body of the deceased. This cremation symbolises the setting free of the deceased s soul from his or her body, such that the soul is free to be reborn. This cremation should not take place immediately, however, as… Continue reading Buddhist Funeral Rites

Questionnaire: Do You Need Bereavement Counselling?

In the aftermath of a death it is perfectly normal to cycle through many different emotions. Feelings of sadness, frustration, anger, denial, guilt and even relief can all be typical of those who are grieving. Even when people know this, however, there are those who will not recognise when their emotions are making a major… Continue reading Questionnaire: Do You Need Bereavement Counselling?

Helping Teens Face Terminal Illness

For a teen diagnosed with terminal illnesses, life takes a sharp turn and everything they once knew as normal is replaced with uncertainty. Ignoring this change in circumstances, or refusing to recognise the parts that are frightening, does not help anyone involved come to terms with a teen s terminal illness. Instead, those interested in… Continue reading Helping Teens Face Terminal Illness

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