Bereavement Counselling: What to Expect

Bereavement counselling is a specialised type of counselling that involves supporting individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This counselling helps them work through their grief as well as perhaps learn coping mechanisms to help them when they are on their own. Bereavement counselling is recommended for anyone, of any age, whose… Continue reading Bereavement Counselling: What to Expect

The Stages of Grief

It is now commonly accepted that grief involves a five stage cycle of denial anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Often this five stage cycle is referred to as the Kubler-Ross cycle or the Kubler-Ross model, after Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the doctor who investigated this cycle in people grieving over the loss of a loved one.… Continue reading The Stages of Grief

Bereavement Support

When an individual has lost a loved one (s)he is said to be bereaved. This is an emotional time, and often one that can be surprising and even frightening to both the bereaved and his or her family and friends. It is during bereavement that most people require additional support, whether it be emotional, practical… Continue reading Bereavement Support

Questionnaire: Do You Need Bereavement Counselling?

In the aftermath of a death it is perfectly normal to cycle through many different emotions. Feelings of sadness, frustration, anger, denial, guilt and even relief can all be typical of those who are grieving. Even when people know this, however, there are those who will not recognise when their emotions are making a major… Continue reading Questionnaire: Do You Need Bereavement Counselling?

Children Losing a Parent

The loss of a parent is a great blow to anyone, but for children it may be particularly emotional. Children may not be able to understand exactly what is happening when a parent dies and even if they do understand they may not be equipped yet to discuss their thoughts and emotions. Child bereavement, then,… Continue reading Children Losing a Parent

Coping with Loss

Everyone copes with loss differently and there is no right or wrong method for dealing with the grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one. People will experience many different emotions while they are bereaved, they will experience these emotions in different orders and for different lengths of time, and no doubt they will… Continue reading Coping with Loss