Types of Funeral

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Organising a Funeral   

Organising a funeral can be a very sad and stressful time for loved ones of the deceased. Sometimes individuals will leave instructions for their funerals in their wills which means that reviewing the will is the first thing anyone attempting to organise a funeral should do. If there are no instructions present in the will,… Continue reading Organising a Funeral

Non Religious Alternatives to Funerals   

When a non-religious person dies it may seem more proper that a non-religious ceremony be held in his or her honour instead of a more traditional, religious funeral service. Indeed it may even be written out in a person s will that (s)he does not wish to have a funeral. If the type of ceremony… Continue reading Non Religious Alternatives to Funerals

Buddhist Funeral Rites   

According to a tradition set at the Buddha s death, many Buddhists today believe in cremating the body of the deceased. This cremation symbolises the setting free of the deceased s soul from his or her body, such that the soul is free to be reborn. This cremation should not take place immediately, however, as… Continue reading Buddhist Funeral Rites

Church Of England Funeral   

Church of England funerals can take any number of formats, from brief and solemn to longer, larger and containing any number of hymns and prayers are requested by the family of the deceased (or as instructed by the deceased prior to his or her death). In general these funerals celebrate the life and personality of… Continue reading Church Of England Funeral

Catholic Funeral   

Catholic funerals are carried out according to the Order of Christian Funerals (1989), the only canonically approved liturgical rite in the English language (rites approved by the Church). A Catholic funeral holds two distinct purposes: to honour the dead and care for those who are grieving. This care is focused on remembering and celebrating the… Continue reading Catholic Funeral

Muslim Funeral   

As with any religious funeral, the planning of a Muslim funeral should take place with members and leaders of the Muslim community. Islamic laws and customs will guide this planning process, which begins from the moment it becomes clear that a Muslim is close to death. When it becomes known that a Muslim is dying,… Continue reading Muslim Funeral

Jewish Funeral   

Jewish funerals, like all religious funerals, should be planned and organised with the help of the religious leader – the Rabbi. In general Jewish funerals are solemn occasions, marked by conservative dress, an avoidance of music and flowers, and conservative behaviour. In many Jewish communities a Hevra Kadisha, a holy society which supervises funerals, help… Continue reading Jewish Funeral

DIY Funeral   

There can be many reasons to organise a funeral without the aid of a professional funeral director not the least of which may be saving several hundred pounds, ensuring every detail is to your liking, honouring the deceased, and using the process as a way to come to terms with your own grief. However, this… Continue reading DIY Funeral

Organising a Cremation   

Cremation or the burning of a body and reducing it to ash, is a popular alternative to a burial in the United Kingdom, with a large segment of society choosing cremation for their own remains. Cremations may only be carried out after a death has been registered and proper certification issued from the relevant authorities… Continue reading Organising a Cremation